As the festival season begins, I figured that many people would be stuck with the decision of being comfortable or stylish at their festival of choice. So why not have both? Pairing overalls with a stylish crop and a cute pair of shoes could be a great solution. Whether you choose the classic denim, or go for a daring leather look, you’re sure to look mighty fine! 



All Strapped Up

In my quest to find the best formal outfit, considering that as a date to a formal it is customary to wear a short dress, I have come to the conclusion that I have no strappy heels in my closet. Throughout my years as a shoe hoarder I have managed to collect an abundance of platform stilettos and platform wedges, but I cease to own a pair of ‘practical’ (as if practicality plays any part in my outfit decisions!) heels. So in proper fashion blogger form, I’ve decided I need to purchase a pair ASAP. However, my terrible pay-check is currently disagreeing with the prior statement so I guess a blog post is going to have to control my urges for a while!


Fur Clutches

After lurking through abundant NYFW blog/instagram/twitter/facebook/youtube posts, and looking at all of the upcoming trends, I think I’ve found my favourite. I know I say this about every trend that comes up but I think I’m on to something here! Two words: Fur clutch. Anyone who has seen me shop knows that I love three things, leather, fur and accessories. So why not combine the latter two into one amazing clutch? Especially if that clutch is the Marc By Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Party Polka-Dot Fur Fold-Over Clutch! (say that ten times fast!)


Breakfast At Peter’s

So, yesterday my sister returned from a stay in Brisbane with my lovely aunty bearing a package. The girls in my family (except my mother unfortunately) love our luxurious goods. Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY and Peter Alexander, you name it and we lust over it. Which meant that seeing my perfectly wrapped, pink goodies gave me a sick sense of excitement because not once has my aunty picked out something I didn’t love. I ended up with the absolute cutest pyjama pants ever, the new Ice Pop Roll Up Pant. I know you’re all super excited about my new pyjamas (/jokes) so I thought I’d have a stalk of the Peter Alexander website for some new goodies to share with you all.

It didn’t take me long (I’m talking smack-bang-first-thing-on-the-home-page quick) to find something I instantly needed in my wardrobe (don’t worry mum, I havent bought anything. yet). This was, wait for it… BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S! /swoon.

PEA5881-BAT_MiniCatalogue_B4Resize.indd PEA5881-BAT_MiniCatalogue_B4Resize.indd PEA5881-BAT_MiniCatalogue_B4Resize.indd PEA5881-BAT_MiniCatalogue_B4Resize.indd PEA5881-BAT_MiniCatalogue_B4Resize.indd PEA5881-BAT_MiniCatalogue_B4Resize.indd

See the full range here.

Lavender xx

Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day. ♡

Firstly; HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY YOU LOVELY FOLLOWERS!! And secondly; this year I am spending Valentine’s Day alone (cue crying) but seriously, I’ve come to the realisation that today would be a perfect day to kick-start my health and fitness. As most of you would know, I spend most of my time here on the internet, scrolling through blogs and checking out instagram and twitter, which means that I don’t really do the whole ‘exercise’ thing. HOWEVER, the sailing season has begun again which means that I need to get back in to shape.

A few years ago, Tiffiny Hall released a book called Weightloss Warrior, which I would recommend to anyone wanting fitness motivation. I literally fell in love with this book, I read it over and over again, which means that when I saw her second book for only $9 I grabbed it.

20140201-173501.jpg Now I’m not going to give away ‘the secret weapon’ but I will give away three of my top tips for  health fitness motivation.
1. Surround yourself with positive and healthy social media. I often get teased for having ‘half-naked women’ all through my instagram feed, but honestly, follow a few people and companies that regularly post healthy, motivational quotes/people/images rather than depressing and unhealthy things. It will make a world of difference, I promise you.

2. Detox your kitchen! It may sound simple but this is where so many people fail when attempting to take control of their health. The way I see it, if there is little junk food around, you wont be tempted to scoff that Snickers Bar or bowl of chocolate ice-cream.

3. Take the entree! Do you ever go out for lunch and feel obligated to eat the whole bowl of pasta purely because it cost you $20.00? (maybe this is just a cheap-skate thing) But after downing a few too many bowls of pasta, I have realised that ordering the entree sized dish is often enough to fill you up. Not only are you giving your stomach a break but you’re also making life a lot easier for your wallet! *TIP: If you still feel peckish after your meal, order a garden (not a caesar) salad, it will trick your body into feeling full without the 1000 extra calories.

iLove iPhone (cases)

So, um. I have a problem. In the two and a half years I have owned an iPhone, I have collected my (and a small village’s) fair share of iPhone cases. But one brand of cases have stood out as my all time favourites. The infamous New York-based designer, Kate Spade has given me another reason to fall in love, by having her own line of iPhone and other tech-ie cases and covers. Kate Spade, why must your stuff be so tempting?! Do you not understand that I am broke? /cries.


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All That Glitters Is Gold

Throughout the years, colours and patterns fade in and out of fashion. However gold has been a key component of both runway and street style for the last few years, making it a perfect wardrobe staple. Investing in some classic gold jewellery or a timeless bag with gold hardware will definitely pay off if you intend on keeping up with the ever-changing world of fashion.

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Sunnies Side Up

As the hot Australian summer has started to set in, I’ve realised I need to start going outside and not just blogging all day. Which can only mean one thing, sunglasses. I am definitely the biggest sunglasses hoarder out, like who can survive with one pair?! Not only are they a super cute accessory to suit any outfit, but they are also super practical (gotta protect those eyes from the sun’s harsh UV rays). So why not invest in a good pair this summer? Here are a few of my favourite styles. xx

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Rainforest Princess

Okay blog-readers. I have a new favourite print (I know, I know, I say this all the time) but seriously. RAINFOREST PRINT. This shit is amazing. I want my whole wardrobe filled with it!  Cameo did it, and I loved it. And now Bardot are doing it with their Palm Spring Shorts and I’m still loving it. Here are a few of my favourite rainforest print pieces. xx

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